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Meet the farmers

Nate + Krista Heeringa

Far North Flowers reflects the passion for cultivating beauty through hard work, attention to quality, and love for community of its business owners Nate and Krista Heeringa. Nestled on a forested hillside overlooking the Tanana River and the Alaska Range, Nate and Krista broke ground on their first 3 acres in 2012. With the help of a community of friends and family the farm is now filled with more than a dozen exquisite peony varieties.

Nate Heeringa

Farming is in Nate’s blood by birth and training. A soil scientist who grew up on a dairy farm in Washington state, he began growing flowers in high school. This passion and know-how make him the heart and soul of Far North Flowers operations. Through designing and developing the optimal irrigation system, or meticulously calculating the soil nutrient content of his famed compost pile, his care and attention to detail is seen in every bloom we produce.

Krista Heeringa

Born and raised in Fairbanks, Krista became infatuated with flowers while backpacking through alpine meadows here in her home state of Alaska.  A maximizer, photographer, planner and lover of outdoor spaces, Krista is the personality of Far North Flowers. Every aspect of life on the farm, from living in the yurt to cultivating the vegetable garden, is infused with her adventurous spirit and willingness to tackle even the most daunting challenges.

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