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Peony Varieties

We have peonies from early July into August. 


*Orders must be for a minimum of 30 stems.

For orders over 200 stems please contact us for custom pricing.

Madame Claude Tain


The most exquisite pure white we have found yet. This pure white double peony with its intoxicating sweet scent is sure to make any occasion extra special.

 $5.50 per stem 

$5.00 per stem for orders over 50 stems


Among the largest white varieties, this luscious creamy-white double is lightly fragrant and reaches over eight inches in diameter. Its subtle yellow stamens peak out from within a bowl of ruffled petals. 

 $5.50 per stem 

$5.00 per stem for orders over 50 stems

Bowl of Cream

This heirloom cultivar is recognized by its glowing lemon hue center. It is one of the more fragrant double white varieties.

$5.00 per stem

$4.50 per stem for orders over 50 stems

Duchesse de Nemours


One of our earliest bloomers, Lemon Chiffon boasts the prized yellow hue that is sure to stand out in any arrangement. 

Limited quantities, contact us for availability.


Lemon Chiffon

Beautifully scented, My Love is a blush with yellow accents in about half the blooms. 

$5.25 per stem

$4.75 per stem for orders over 50 stems

My Love


Far North Blush


A yet to be identified surprise to the farm, this variety opens as a blush in the center, fading to light pink outer guard petals. This large blush is a beautiful addition to any arrangement.

$5.00 per stem 

$4.50 per stem for orders over 50 stems

This exceptionally large double pink is a wonderfully fragranced cultivar. With a reputation for consistent quality, this variety has cemented its legacy as the standard pink for generations of flower lovers.

$4.50 per stem 

$4.00 per stem for orders over 50 stems

Sarah Bernhardt


Coral Charm

Coral Charm's vintage appeal and unique peony form starts with a deep coral bud, opening to a vibrant frosted coral semi-double fading to peach. This extremely popular variety works well in many arrangements.

$6.00 per stem 

$5.50 per stem for orders over 50 stems

Etched Salmon


This variety is in a league of its own due to its unique color and etched petals. It will increase the wow factor of any arrangement.

Limited quantities, contact us for availability. 

2017 Peony Season 108.jpg

Madame Emile Debatene

Peony Portraits  6.jpg

One of our personal favorites around the farm thanks to its stunning magenta base and guard petals. From a tufted center, the color fades to fuchsia with crepe tipped petals

$4.50 per stem 

$4.00 per stem for orders over 50 stems

Rogue Hot Pink


A vibrant Hot pink, this peony is a show stopper.  This variety unfurls into a stunning full double. 

$4.50 per stem 

$4.00 per stem for orders over 50 stems

2017 Peony Season 51.jpg

Raspberry red petals open into a full double in this exquisite bloom. These amazing colors are accented by a wonderful fragrance and silvery sheen.

$4.50 per stem 

$4.00 per stem for orders over 50 stems

Felix Crouse

Holding its incomparable rich burgundy color for an extended vase life, this variety will maximize the life of your floral setting.

$4.50 per stem 

$4.00 per stem for orders over 50 stems

Paul M. Wilde

An award-winning variety of deep red bomb form, this exceptionally large variety exhibits a shimmering red-wine color.

$5.50 per stem 

$5.00 per stem for orders over 50 stems

Red Charm

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